Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists (OTs) provide therapeutic intervention for individuals ranging from birth to 21 years of age demonstrating developmental, medical, or sensory impairment.

The “occupation” in occupational therapy refers to the activities and tasks that we do everyday. “Occupations” of a child include playing with friends, being a student, helping at home, eating, taking care of pets, getting dressed, and participating in hobbies and sports. Occupational therapists assist individuals who have physical, cognitive, sensory, motor and/or psychological disabilities by helping them master the skills needed for self-care, work, and play.

With occupational therapy, children can learn to work and play successfully with their families, at their school or daycare, and in their community. We provide an individualized approach to occupational therapy, tailored to each child to provide skill development in daily living and play skills. If you ever watch us work, you may be surprised to see how much it looks like play! We specialize in making therapy effective and fun. Change occurs best when people are engaged in meaningful occupations; for kids, that means engaging in play that is challenging and adapted to fit his/her needs.  This approach enables the child to develop physically, socially, and emotionally.  Our OTs can also provide therapy at your daycare, private school, after school program, and other community settings. We work with doctors, schools, other therapists, and agencies to ensure that your child has the maximum benefits so that everyone involved has a complete understanding of your child’s needs.

Through standardized evaluations and clinical observations, our occupational therapists identify which underlying skills are needing to be addressed to facilitate increased independence within his or her own environment. Following the evaluation, our OTs develop an individualized treatment plan of care to target the areas of need. Using this plan of care, the therapist actively engage the child in everyday activities that are important to him or her and help the child progress to independence with daily living, school, and play based occupations.